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I wish I would've seen this website prior to going in for our 'free vacation'. Normally I refuse to spend any money we weren't planning on spending without walking away first. We still have not had our 'free vacation' scheduled as they have not responded to our messages or letters. TAN claims they are not responsible for the setup or contract for the vacation and cannot be held responsible for not receiving what THEY promised.

The deal was just waaay too good to pass up for the 20 week vacation package. with 6 kids we knew for sure someone would be using this. Just to schedule any week at all takes forever on the phone and they will not give or take any information except for payment for the 'extra' costs no matter where you plan to go. There will always be extra costs because it seems to be peak season every where every day.

They got me for a couple thousand, get out, leave, don't do it. Now i am having a difficult time getting them to cancel my subscription to the excess vacation yearly fees.

-cleveland ohio, disappointed

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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Hilliard, Ohio, United States #1271434

Went through same ***.We booked another vacation time share with them in exchange for 2 TAN weeks.

With all the extra fees and no availability we were not able to book.

Lost the weeks even though we were not told there was a time limit to use them.Hard to use them when NOTHING decent is available to book and all seasons are prime season


I have 8 weeks that I would like to get rid off. Email me at spanforme0527@yahoo.com. Very cheap.


Interested in selling my TAN weeks. I have 17 weeks available. Email me at dsmith1215@starkstate.net

Braddock, Pennsylvania, United States #948646

If anyone is interested in buying a Note for 15 trips for 6000, I m interested in transferring my note. We have had a Salary decrease as well as a child since we purchased this package and it turns out we can't afford to continue with the plan.

to Alligator2 Braddock, Pennsylvania, United States #948654

My email address if interested is jolene7712@live.com.It would be 4500 and then you are responsible for reminder of the Note.

Totaling 7000 over time with payments.

We put in the 4500 already.We just want back what we spent.


Ive used a friends Excess Inventory from Tan and have had a good experience each time (went to Florida and Missouri) would love to be a member but cant afford the plan I was offered..Using the excess I could take a few trips a year..Nice clean and comfortable units


I have 4 weeks never used that I'm willing to sell cheap.


I'm in Cincinnati and have had my TAN since 2008.I have never used any of my vacation days and don't intend to.

Just like many of you, I was sweet talked into the program which is a total nuisance now. I think I still have the paperwork with me.

If anyone is interested to buy, I will sell it to you as it's transferable/saleable.Just email me at aperfectworld2@yahoo.com


I Love my plan tan.I WAS LUCKY I WAS ON LINK AND PEOPLE WERE SELLING 15 or 20 weeks for $3 or 5 grand.

I lost interest. One day I went on Craig's list and a Plan Tan with all the excessive inventory I wanted. A young married bought 3 scheduled week plus excessive. It was just what I wanted and membership fee $99.00 a year.

He lost his professional job and was moving out of the country. I told him I wanted it for the $600.00 he was selling it. We did it all through the mail ,cashier checks ,notarized and he sent me all the plan with tan stuff. I am happy , one trip alone played for my package.

I had a relaxing time at Myrtle beach resort with no sells pitches that I won't ever tolerate. I have many trips planned and my 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo cost $198.00 and no taxes. I am going to Molokai next time. They also have specials and secret deals.

You always start small and never pay thousands if are not smart or business Savvy. I was lucky, searching paid off. I have had my.plan tan since 2007.


to Katie #1238863

Are you interested in buying more?I have only used two of mine and one was refunded due to some problems.

I think I originally bought 15.

I will have to find the contract.My email is ndolfntym@yahoo.com

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