I own 2 condos in Ocean City Maryland. TAN contacted me and long story short, I went to their office to check this rental "deals" out.

They offered me for my 3 bedroom 2 full bath condo that is one block from the beach, $12K to rent it to them for 6 months from May 1st to October 30th for eight people (8). Now here why you get the shaft. $12,000.00 for six months it is actually $10,560.00 after their fee and commission. That is $1,760 per month, $440 per week, $63 per day or $21 per room or $7.00 (yes, Seven dollars) per person per day.

I have to pay the insurance and water used by those eight people that is about $700-800 for six months and a few other bills.

I rent my condos for $1000-1400 a week. And if you don't believe the condition of my condos I will be glad to send you photos. I have families that return year after year and I have only good comments.I want nothing to do with TAN.

Now you understand, you get what you pay for. thexterminator4p@aol.com

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Yes I agree, TAN is irresponsible, as I was also an owner in the TAN Network for 2 years. Everything is smoke and mirrors with the company.

I referred at least 4 different people to my agent with no compensation. By the way all that I asked for was a second peak week for my use, Understand they give the owners two weeks back,one off season the second during peak season. Now this would have cost them very little if anything at all. This past season the first tenant broke into my LOCKED cabinet and removed/stole all the items and broke a dresser.

I advised my rep who advised me that it would be taken care of at least with a gift card and that was fine just replace the missing items and don't allow the tenants back, oh by the way the did not tell me names, and all was forgiven Now here I am in Jan of 2012 and receiving a letter that "TAN does not accept responsibility that are not under their control." Also that the matter should have been reported to the police and insurance company. Well I guess they want their own tenants arrested instead of handing it in house.

I can go on and on but the bottom line if the can't take care of the small issues how are the going to take care of the big ones. All I can say is property owners beware.


Thanks for all of your comments. I was looking for employment after being laid off from my banking job.

I completed an application and sent my resume to a posting online, It was TAN.

I did some research and found this site. I am reluctant to even call them back.


TAN is not so bad but its also not luxurious or better than home for most people. I prefer to go away and stay in a luxurious place with amenities I wouldn't have at home, seems to me TAN is "common" but its cheap and we usually don't spend much time in our room anyway.....

I haven't had bugs, yes its been dusty, dirty smelly and missing some items also no hot water x 2 days and lock broken to get into place upon arrival late one night, my husband climbed over gate and was able to get in, but couldn't take luggage or belongings til morning. they usaully arrive fairly soon, but why should we have to call them? if everything is right to begin with, no reason!I've been member for several years, mostly use excess inventory, which is good you always have that, even after vacation weeks are used up.

200.00 for the week, not bad, most rooms nightly are 100+ good and bad with tan. if i buy again it will be luxurious, like Hilton or Wyndam resorts.


We went to Gatlinburg in late 2009. The condo was dirty.

We had to sweep the floor and mop because it hadn't been cleaned in awhile.

We also had to scrub the sinks and tubs before we could use them. We had to move to a motel when we discovered roaches, and we TAN refused to give our money back.


:( What is up with the TAN site being under construction and going "live" in so many hours, which they keep changing? This doesn't look like a good sign to me.

Nobody takes down a site for days and days on end. They wait until the new site is ready to put up.

I have a feeling something shady is going on, or that they are going out of business.


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