I signed up for a travel package with TAN fresh out of college (when I was making less than $20,000 a year). After 4 years of payments I finally paid off the whole package.

I was under the impression that after the package was paid off I was only required to pay annual service fees IF I used a vacation week. However, I just found out that if I don't continue paying annual fees (which increase each year), then I forfeit my package. So, I can either pay $356.00 for NOTHING this year if I don't have time to travel OR I can forfeit $5000.00 worth of vacation weeks.

Doesn't it seem like if you pay for something it should be yours? I don't know which makes me more upset - the amouont it is costing me or the fact that nobody told me upfront.

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They are liars and very good at it. What kind of vacation is it where you have to provide your own sheets?

All I can say beware of the seller. It is still hard to believe we fell for this ***.

Live and learn but they do not have our credit card and will not get anymore. $3000.00 is the cost of this educational lesson!!!!!!!!!

Glen Burnie, Maryland, United States #661155

That's the crux of this shady company, after you've paid off your package for all those vacations...if you don't pay the service provider an annual fee, all those vacations you paid all those thousands for are little more than air.

And despite what dookieshoot has said, the internet is littered with consumers complaining about TAN's collection practices, and how they won't budge on the annual service fee. They will gladly cancel your package after you've paid off all those thousands, but you can't "reopen" it. And you can't use those vacations you paid for either.

Be very wary of this company. They'll say anything to get you to sign and give them money...once they have that, you find out the real truth.


tan will work with you with your annual service fee.....especially if you dont travel....i just did it.....you just have to ask.....and you can always open up your package back up if you dont pay...it's a decent company...u just have to negotiate what you want

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