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I am very sorry to learn about your experience with us. Travel Advantage Network has agreements with multiple third party sales companies. Providing our travelers with vacations that will give you the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime is our responsibility. We don’t take this lightly. We understand that you have worked hard throughout the course of the year and that vacations represent a limited opportunity for you to connect, to re-energize, to relax or to explore. Since you did not provide contact information, we were unable to locate your account to resolve your concerns but we would like to take that step and urge you to reach out to TAN or your sales company directly.

the attached clip is from an ABC 6 investigative report in Indianapolis. While the company in the clip calls itself "Smartravel" - Smartravel is the same as Sundance Vacations, which are both sales fronts for Travel Advantage Network.

They all sell "wholesale vacation packages."

While this clip is from Indianapolis, there are identical sales centers in Chicago, Harrisburg PA, Pittsburgh PA, New Jersey, Philadelphia and one is opening soon in the Washington DC area. They all operate under the same network, and in the same way.

Watch the investigative report. With their undercover cameras they perfectly documented what is really going on in these sales centers.

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Pennsylvania, United States #863928

"high pressure" sales tactics my ***. How is dropping the price high pressure?

How is asking someone to buy something while they are in the office high pressure? They would not be doing their jobs if they didn't ask you to purchase.

These people put the pressure on themselves because they are the 10% of the population who i am going to call... crumb grabbers.

They LOVE good deals especially FREE *** and make 50x more impulse purchases than calculated decisions due to one simple fact. THEY LOVE GOOD DEALS.

The sales rep already knows this about you because look at where you are and why you are sitting in front of them... in case you aren't following...READ ABOVE PARAGRAPH^^^^

Deep in the back of their brain these people know this about themselves and their natural instinct is to either fight or flight. In today's words, lie or act like they are entitled to their gift without going though the process and despite being their on their own accord they act they were subpoenaed.

So they give the sales person a hard time by saying they don't want to be here (I wonder how many of them have somewhere important they need to be right after this thing.. LOL) therefore typically they start *** and moaning about how long its going to take after being told by 3 other people prior to meeting the sales person. More then likely they are carrying a couple food stamps and an OBAMA phone.

IF any of you who did this to your sales person...

PLEASE to go into work on Monday and tell your boss "I am going to start leaving when i feel like it because I am entitled and special, I should just get [insert reward] when I feel like it .Oh and by the way, you are still going to pay me the same because I am special unique snowflake and my *** doesn't stink" In an essence, that's how ridiculous you sound when you try to hurry the rep. YOUR NOT CHAINED TO THE CHAIR. IF YOU DON'T WANT YOUR GIFT THEN LEAVE! If you just cannot control yourself and need your free *** fix then stay and participate.

They are paying you for your time and giving you an opportunity.

HOWEVER, you will be putting more pressure on yourself when you start bsing the complete stranger who has been nothing but nice about you. Once you go down that path (typically from hello), the pressure you think they are putting on you is actually because of your own wrong doing... You are lying and making up pointless excuses to a complete stranger who has a life of their own they need to make ends meet. Your brain becomes upset with what you are doing and becomes defensive because you know you have just lied because you are too insecure and weak minded to just say no.

I know lying is a strong word but from what i heard in the video i think its pretty fair game to throw it out there judging from the caliber of the clients. That is most common when people are so closed minded to new things they still fear seeing the rest of the world because of the whole it being "flat" and you might fall off the planet thing. THIS IS FOR THE RHODES SCHOLAR REPORTER WHO DID THIS ARTICLE>>> FIRST off... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

SECOND... HOW MUCH THOUGHT PROCESS DID YOU PUT INTO WHAT A HIGH PRESSURE SALES TACTIC IS? If making a decision to buy something at that moment is high pressure and such a god awful thing to do to someone then lets play a little GAME. Lets SUB out the the word "SALE" and replace it with QUESTIONING/REPORTING/MANAGING/DEADLINE.

Now for your next 2 "highly controversial" and/or "investigative" rock solid reports... don't repeat any questions to who you are interviewing when you know they are lying to you. Don't dig out the truth... people may find that as pressure, just do what you suggested the sale guy do and let you get back to you and think about it instead of answering on the spot/camera.

I'm sure you boss would never give you to the end of the day to get a story ready and reported... that would be high pressure managing and as we all learned from this cartoo/report that only pesky SALES people pressure. IF you do written articles just insert this after each controversial question you ask [source said he will get back to me sometime for answer]. Fortunately you will get your word count and be able to practice what you preach.

BOTTOM LINE: decreasing the price is not high pressure from the person dropping the price.. that pressure comes from yourself because you have ran out of excuses and find out you really can usually afford the product with ease. If you cannot afford it then 8/10 times you lied about what the minimum qualifications were to get in to get the gifts. A guilty and conscience carries the most weight on the shoulders.

Not someone asking you to buy something that day... OH and when they did tell you to buy that day reporter lady... did you ever ask why? IF its because you wont get the same price then they know you are not going to come back to buy it for much more...

(its like liking about a shirt at 10 and 2 weeks later it cost $150....) besides they already know you only buy if you feel like you are getting the kitchen sink at a steal. theres the insight on how it works.... if you bought something from these people and dont know how it works... please ask yourself.

-how many times have i read the book -at what point did i start paying attention during the presentation - "oh i called once and it wasn't available... HONEY WE GOT SCAMMED! THE GUY LIED TO US IT DOESN'T WORK!


Fort Smith, Arkansas, United States #683997

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