I never signed up for travel advantage or complete home so why am I getting 10 checks in the mail, plus I have had to change my acct number because they are taking out money from my bank. How did they get my acct info?I have had my debit car number cancelled and I ordered another one which took 2 weeks.

How can I cancel if I do have a membership with this Travel Advantage. I am frustrated and dont know what to do....HELP!


they apprantly are under different names so buyer beware. I am so wary about emailing them the less interacting that I have with them then my personal info is more secure.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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You should be worried. First, forget about the money you paid already -- it's gone.

You'll find that most resorts listed and available are poorly rated on tripadvisor.com. It will also cost you at least $250 to book a 1BR (more for more bedrooms or high seasons).

Add the yearly fee and you're paying as much as you would anyway, unless you take several vacations in a year.

I'm scrapping it next year. I still have seven vacations left and I'm simply going to not pay next year and hope for the best.


I signed up for travel advance a year ago and have not used any of my vacation yet. Hearing all these stories about this so call business is starting to worry me.

It seems that there should be some kind of law against false advertisment. If you specifically want to git and a condo that they view on there inventory, and is tricked into believe that, that is what your gitting I would look into some kind of reimbusrement. I'm glad I read the comments on this site. Know I now to record all phone call in regards to booking my vacation specify what condo they view that I would like to have.

Take picture everyone, also it would be helpful to take a camcorder along to show your condo just in case you want to use it against them in court.

They better pray my stay want be as crappy as yours because if it does they'll be in for a ride dealing with me. :( :( :( :(

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #98077

if you are that concerned you should contact the company directly, maybe someone stole your identity and it has nothing to do with the company your referring to.

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